Step on the green

WEST & PENNY wedding (SDE) (click here for the wedding video)

We’ll have fun while shooting West & Penny Wedding. This is a new attempt for our video team; and we where transforming our video from PAL into high-definition (HD) video. This times shooting is a big different, by adding new camera accessories such as mini tracks, free pole make our team look so “SUPERB COOL TEAM”. Well, do you know what will make our shooting so “SUPERB DUPER”? We’re still expecting her! Give a guest ? One, two, three! Ha! Ha! Ha! You can’t get it? Is ok will be fine! We’ll let you know some other day!

Since this is our first time, concept wedding shooting. Therefore, we are really looking forward and we did a lot of preparation before the shoot such as location scouting, rehearsal, and practice just to make sure everything went well on that important day to us also the Bride and groom. We would like to share a tip, a venue is very important for a video shooting, if you don’t have a good venue for your wedding, it will be always a good idea to have outdoor scene video shoot. The day before you’re wed, always remember a good location is a MUST! So, green field is our location on that day cause is always a convenient to discover and is a perfect match to white and prefect too shooting too cause the space is broad! Just keep in mind, nature is always the best set for a shooting scene!

我们总动兵员来应付这一次的拍摄,由于这是第一次有概念的拍摄concept shooting,我们需要在婚礼前一天做location scouting、练习再练习、记录角度。

*SDE – same day edit (当天剪接)

Jun’s wedding is simple but grand. Although everything seems to be simple,

I can feel that they had put a lot of effort in making this lovely wedding

Taking pictures for their wedding is a wonderful experience for me.

I love the style of their wedding, especially the purple color theme

that fascinates my eyes.

JUN Wedding photos (click here for the photos)

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